Transport Wear - Kinchbus

Kinchbus is a brand bursting with fun and energy. When they approached our Senior Business Development Manager and field expert Ian Fountain at the Coach and Bus Show to discuss a potential new uniform, Ian instantly knew they were a great fit for Uniform Express. Both companies have a shared vision to supersede customer’s expectations through a professional and friendly service, and endeavor to go the extra mile to create a positive customer experience at every stage of the journey.

Kinchbus’ customer experience blends fun and vibrancy with a professional and efficient personable service. In creating a successful bespoke uniform, our in house design team focused on the brand, its ethos and strong personality. We took relaxed fabrics in the bold and striking colour pallet of the brand, then worked in visual and practical details to create a striking and relaxed image.  The branding of the uniform was meticulously considered down to the last detail; from oversized statement making back branding, to surprising details such as bespoke zip pulls. The Uniform Express team has once again created a uniform solution to turn your typical vision of a bus driver’s uniform on its head, and thus give the wearers a fresh new look reflective of the brand.

With years of knowledge and experience amongst the Uniform Express team of what makes a good transport uniform, we looked at layering systems of garments to ensure the uniform will take the wearers through the seasons comfortably and practically.  Functional details such as correctly placed and sized pockets were considered, as well as aesthetic details such as inner collar and cuff trims. This was Kinchbus’ first major uniform update in more than 10 years and we had to get it right.

The uniforms were wearer trialed by a selection of drivers before they rolled out across all locations to ensure full wearer satisfaction. Following the wearer trial, we then rolled out the look to all of the East Midlands locations.

We are very proud of what we have created with Kinchbus and look forward to working with and supporting them over the coming years. 

Alex Kerr, General Manager at Kinchbus, said: “Our drivers have always been one of the things our customers love the most. Over the past few years, we’ve been working hard to develop a new uniform that reflects our modern image and friendly approach. We needed a great new look for Loughborough’s finest, and we’ve achieved just that.”

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