Transport Wear - Reading Buses

Reading Buses 

One of the most exciting briefs we have seen in the Coach and Bus Industry landed on the desks of our design team in July 2013.  We were selected as one of seven uniform suppliers to tender for the business of a bus company that was about to turn your typical bus drivers uniform on its head, and we could not have been more excited!


With a carefully selected shortlist of 3 suppliers, a range of 16 pieces and 400 wearers, we knew we had to do something unique to secure this business. 


Reading Buses were part way through there exciting brand transition when we first met after collaborating with some of the best know branding agencies combined with their own in house marketing experts. They had a clear view of where they wanted their uniform journey to go and we had to provide the happy ending.

Innovative fabrics, wearer comfort and delivering the totally unexpected were all at the forefront of our minds as we approached this.

With years of knowledge and experience amongst the UE team of what makes a good transport uniform, we dotted all the I’s and crossed all the t’s on practicalities, functionalities and wearer comfort. Then by using our extensive supply base and advance fabrication technologies, we combined cutting edge design with practicality to compile a range fit for a dynamic fast pace bus company. Every piece in the range gives a nod back to the brand agencie's vision for colour and branding.

The greatest challenge with any bus company is the staff age, size profile and diverse working conditions and climates. Therefore smart fabric technologies extended size profile and attention to detail were key to our successful bid.

We were delighted to be chosen by Reading Buses as their preferred supplier. Since then our project manager has engaged with every element of our business from technical, procurement, IT and design to create the successful outcome we have achieved.


Client Testimonial


Uniform Express was able to hit all of our criteria for our tender brief. It’s design brought the new branding to life and looked clean, crisp and modern. The garments were practical with easy care fabrics, which are comfortable and suitable for all weathers.


The range of sizing was great with some garments available from XS – 6XL, which is good as our drivers are a mix of sizes including a number of female drivers.


The online ordering system and delivery service was a winner too, as it meant we would be able to track orders and run reports at the push of a button.

Uniform Express has been patient with all our requests. They have listened to all our requirements and been there with us every step of the way.


Our uniform maybe something very different for the bus industry, however, Uniform Express simply listened to our brief and came up with the best possible solution for us. They where innovative in their thinking to match our requirements.