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TSB is committed to providing Local Banking for Britain, so it comes as no surprise that their new uniforms reflect the same vision. 

Uniform Express learned very quickly that the TSB uniform must be built around showcasing the elements of the brands passion for empowering and supporting local communities within Britain”. The TSB was created to help local people, local businesses and communities to thrive together. It is this unique approach that sets TSB apart from all other banks on the high street; therefore, it was important that the uniform designs follow the same clear lines of differentiation.

TSB partnered with Uniform Express to design and manufacture uniforms for its 4,750 branch partners. Uniform Express delivered a uniform design that is both distinctive and uniquely British. This was achieved through evolving classic British styles to a level where they became contemporary, approachable and unique whilst keeping a timeless quality..

The biggest challenge was creating a look where every aspect was truly unique to TSB. We established that we wanted a fabric that was British, could be worn by both men and women and something that had a timeless yet contemporary quality to it, this led us to the design and development of the bespoke TSB Donegal tweed.

Working with our long established, British supply partner, and family run business Marton Mills, we developed a cloth that was light enough to be worn throughout the year but still gave us that tweed look and feel we desired.
Marton Mills, established in 1931 are fabric weavers based in the heart of Yorkshire, they have a wealth of experience in producing the finest cloths. The bespoke tweed design is exclusive to TSB and this gives us complete confidence that the image created will reflect the TSB brand and its values.


A series of wardrobe pieces were presented to the TSB in the initial stages through design boards; once they had selected from this, details were tweaked and styles amended, bespoke cloth was then woven at the Yorkshire Mill. At the same time patterns where created in the Midlands and within days we were ready to hand over the patterns, designs and fabric to a team of traditional London tailors to create the finished items.

The statement pieces in the collection are the tailored jackets, for ladies we have created a single beautiful relaxed jacket style that sits unbiasedacross all ages and body shapes.  The male jackets bear the same relaxed cut and feel. Both jackets have been made in the Donegal Tweed creating a suitably striking look.

The range includes both herringbone and mini gingham shirting fabrics, both are not only a traditional British fabric but also key trends for this year’s high street.

The scarf design is a beautifully hand-illustrated series of sketches focusing on the theme of ‘fueling local economies’. This beautifully summarised the brands DNA and its flow in the uniform.

Ian Fountain, Uniform Express Account Manager for TSB says, “It’s fantastic to work with a company who are so passionate about their brand, their partners and the communities that they operate within. We have enjoyed creating a collection for the partners to enjoy wearing. We are extremely pleased with the feedback to date”.

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