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The Uniform Express procurement team scours the world for ethically and environmentally sound, quality driven products. Our prices reflect a worldwide search for markets that can service our needs, and the needs of our clients, for ethically produced, quality garments at competitive prices.  Their mission is to continually improve our offering to our clients.

Our reliable, solid, long term supply base is complimented by our fast moving flexible partners, who move into gear to fill a critical need. In today’s business world speedy responses are not only needed, they are expected.

At Uniform Express every base is covered, every eventuality is catered for, in time and on time. Our procurement team mange your uniform carefully through every stage of its journey.

As thousands of staff look forward to their new uniform in the UK, thousands of miles away our team of quality managers are completing the final quality checks. Every detail is monitored, every garment measured, ready to be fast tracked to its final destination. 

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  Policy for procurement